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Men's Sloth Socks - AVAILABLE NOW!

£10.49 (Sold out)

New to the UK. Available now!  Last date for UK First Class post is 18th December.

Sloths are the perfect animal to remind us to SLOW DOWN and just relax.
No need to rush things.

The socks feature their phi-SLOTH-ophy: CAN'T REACH IT. DON'T NEED IT.

I've broken my rule of selling no-fin but Shark Stuff for these socks
(and some new Killer Whale socks - please see my other listings for details).

Like the classic bestselling Shark Bite 3D Socks (see my other listings for details) these cotton rich socks are from Foot Traffic in the US and imported by Shark Gift Shop so Sloth lovers in the UK can enjoy them too. I fell in love with Sloths after the SpecSavers advert.

I have only limited pairs of these socks.  If you buy them as a gift you can tell the recipient they are one of only 6 lucky people in the UK who will have a pair!

Men's One Size fits all:  Shoe sizes US 10-13 (Approx UK 8+)

Cotton rich.